Real Financial Solution for

Life Insurance Policy Owners

to Convert Policies to Cash 

We're happy you've arrived and we're ready to educate
and inform you as to the Life Settlement solution. Life
Insurance policies are a salable asset and Life Settle-
ments are gaining interest as the primary method of
converting unwanted or unneeded insurance policies
into immediate cash assets through sale to investors.

When you, your client or your organization are ready to 
move forward with selling a life insurance policy,
LifeWell Settlements is here to both guide you through
the process and to singularly represent the interests of
the policyholder in the marketplace. 
How are we different? In the process of selling a life
insurance policy, we represent only the insured
policyholders making best efforts to secure the highest
value Life Settlement on their behalf.

We are not a direct purchaser of life insurance
policies but rather, as Life Settlement Specialists, part
of an experienced brokerage team who shops every
policy to 20+ institutional investors through our
established Life Settlement Exchange.  We've created
a marketplace where purchasers bid against each
other resulting in higher value Settlements paid.
For generations, Life Insurance has been an important
financial planning tool for individuals, families and
businesses.  Now, the last two decades has witnessed
the evolution of the Life Insurance Industry with the
advent and rise of Life Settlements as a solution for the
same individuals, families and organizations who no
longer need their life insurance as a financial tool.

The transition for any policyholder from Life Insurance
policy to Life Settlement is fully transparent, and
typically quick and profitable, requiring no special
obligations beyond agreement to the policy purchase
There can exist as many reasons as there are 
policyholders as to why a previously purchased and
once desired Life Insurance policy is now a financial 
burden or simply just not needed.

Regardless of the situation, the profitable sale of these
same burdensome and unneeded policies is now a well
accepted, viable alternative to letting the policies
lapse by failing to pay premiums or surrendering
policies to the insurer for their often nominal cash
surrender value.
              Let's Profit From Life Together

Welcome to LifeWell Settlements

We Work to Secure High Value Life Settlements

Life Insurance Policies to Life Settlements

Sell a Life Policy and Profit from Life
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